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Edge of NostalgiaEdge of Nostaligia (EON) is an interactive iPhone App Album that invites the listener to explore the wonder of the sound world around them through the filtered lens of the present moment. Part Apple iPhone code, part ambient music album and part Pure Data real time effects, EON is a new frontier for electronic musician,composer and programmer Mikronesia.

Edge of Nostalgia Cover

Many atmospheric and ambient music albums will feature hazy samples from old public television shows, CB radios or fields samples that are meant to trigger a feeling of nostalgia from the listener. Instead of using samples, EON transforms the audible world around you into a psychedelic soundscape using filters, delays, panning and echo by processing the sounds through your iPhone microphone.

These auditory enhancements are all set the backing music of EON which is a seven track album of original atmospheric electronic music. While walking down a city street, riding on the subway, sitting in a park, watching your kids play, hearing someone wash the dishes, etc. the listener can experience a new sound world of experimental lushness and introspection as they teeter in and out of the present moment on the edge of their own nostalgia.



1. Always use this app with a headset with mic. The better the headset, the better the experience.
2. Adjust the red volume slider to add more “effected mic” mixed with the music.
3. This app is a soundtrack to now. Watch where you’re walking and try not to get lost in the soundscapes!


Concept, sounds, code and design

Michael McDermott

Additional Code Assistance

Jonathan Moniz at DOHK

Pure Data Port Code


Contact Mikronesia with any issues or concerns.

EON is available for 99 cents in the iTunes App Store. This includes the seven track album of music and App that will process sound through your iPhone/iPod microphone.