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Whether you believe you are walking into dead geographical location, which is used to get to a destination, or whether you are emerging out into a landscape that is just as much, if not more, alive as you but in a totally different form. And if you go towards it with an open heart and a real watchful reverence, that you will be absolutely amazed at what it will reveal to you. And I think that that was one of the recognitions of the Celtic imagination: that landscape wasn’t just matter, but that it was actually alive. What amazes me about landscape, landscape recalls you into a mindful mode of stillness, solitude, and silence where you can truly receive time.

John O’Donahue from On Being Podcast

During my travels to South America, Europe and Asia, I’ve been consistently inspired by the landscapes and the emotional resonance they evoke. For this Landscapes series I use field recordings from some of my favorite environments and treat them using my “sonic photography” techniques.

The records seek to explore the hidden beauty and wonder found in the inner and outer landscapes of our everyday experience.